Welcome to Altadore & River Park in S.W. Calgary.  Here you can view up to date real estate sales data including average sale prices for single family homes and condos in Altadore & River Park, as well as price trends since the year 2000. You will also find neighbourhood profiles that include information such as: average household income, school locations, occupational statistics and various information that I hope will make your home buying or selling decision easier.

If you are planning to buy or sell a home in Altadore & River Park, and would like an update on recent sales or listing activity in the Altadore & River Park area, please feel free to contact me. I am always glad to answer your questions regarding Calgary Real Estate.

If you are looking for MLS homes and condos for sale, please go to our Altadore / River Park Real Estate page.

Altadore & River Park Real Estate Sales for 2011

Type Of Home SOLDSingle Family Detached HomesSingle Family Attached HomesCondominiums
Number Of Homes SOLD864276
Average Days on Market455150
Lowest Sale Price$283,000$315,000$108,000
Highest Sale Price$1,910,000$1,249,000$670,000
Average Sale Price$803,567$762,969$354,514
Median Sale Price$724,500$789,375$314,000
Sold Price Per Square Foot$476.48$402.99$331.78
List Price To Sale Price Ratio96%97%96%

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