Welcome to Park Hill & Stanley Park in S.W. Calgary.  Here you can view up to date real estate sales data including average sale prices for single family homes and condos in Park Hill & Stanley Park, as well as price trends since the year 2000. You will also find neighbourhood profiles that include information such as: average household income, school locations, occupational statistics and various information that I hope will make your home buying or selling decision easier.

If you are planning to buy or sell a home in Park Hill & Stanley Park, and would like an update on recent sales or listing activity in the Park Hill & Stanley Park area, please feel free to contact me. I am always glad to answer your questions regarding Calgary Real Estate.

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Park Hill & Stanley Park Real Estate Sales for 2008

Type Of Home SOLD

Single Family Detached Homes


Number Of Homes SOLD



Average Days on Market



Lowest Sale Price



Highest Sale Price



Average Sale Price



Average House Price Trend For Park Hill & Stanley Park 2000 – 2008

Average House Price Trend For Park Hill & Stanley Park 2000 - 2008

Park Hill & Stanley Park Population 2002 – 2006

Park Hill & Stanley Park Population 2002 - 2006

Average Household Income For Park Hill & Stanley Park Residents

Average Household Income For Park Hill & Stanley Park Residents

Please note income data was collected from the Statistics Canada Cencus 2001, and income levels may vary in current dollars


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