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Royal Oak Oil Well Updatr

Posted by admin on February 27, 2012
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RE: Oil Well Application #1695605, Licence #0441737

Below is an update on the Royal Oak oil well from the community association.

Dear Residents;

We would like to thank the 500 plus residents who participated in the oil well information “ Open House” February 11, 2012.

Although the application has been approved by the ERCB, we have applied for a review of the process with the ERCB board and looking at all possible avenues to have the surface rights application denied. We are waiting for a reply if our hearing request is granted by the ERCB board.

We have taken the following actions:
Submitted the initial review variance request for a hearing with the ERCB board to review the current application.
Submitted an additional letter outlining new findings from the open house to the ERCB board.

Contacted and continue dialogue with the City of Calgary , Alderman Hodges and Lowe.

Contacted and requested our MLA Lindsay Blackett to present our objections to the Minister of Energy.
Submitted our concerns regarding Directive 056 and the 100 meter radius rule.

Submitted our request for the ERCB to implement an Urban policy.

Conducted a survey of our residents and communicated the results to all parties concerned.

Actions to be implemented:
We are forming a sub-committee to specifically address all components of the oil well. We are asking for volunteers to contact us by the following address:

We are specifically looking for geologist, engineers and safety profession in the industry. Additionally for door to door people.
We are asking everyone to express their concerns to the ERCB at and the Energy Minster Ted Morton at
After the committee is formed, further actions will be communicated through the website.

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