As industry professionals, our work requires us to regularly interact with members of the public. However, with the arrival of COVID-19 in Alberta this means it’s no longer business as usual for us and our clients.

All industry professionals will be discussing COVID-19 with their clients.  COVID-19 is a significant health concern in our industry for many clients and has changed the way we do business. As part of providing competent service, industry professionals are expected to work cooperatively with clients to find a solution for relieving the concerns of everyone involved.

Some sellers in today’s market are asking for COVID-19 questionnaires to be completed by the buyer in order to allow showings on their homes. For this reason, I have created this online form to simplify the process for my clients and help us keep track of the concerns for certain property owners.

Please complete the questionnaire below to the best of your knowledge. Once the form is submitted I will receive a copy and keep it on file in the event a COVID-19 issue arises from our showings.