Others Shortcodes


Other Shortcodes:

[icon_check] [icon_x] [link_more url=”#”] [search] [newsletter]
[title h1=”title_violet”]Title H1[/title]
[title h2=”border”]Title H2 Border[/title]
[title h3=”title_blue”]Title H3 Blue[/title]
[title h4=”title_violet”]Title H4 Violet[/title]
[title h5=”title_dark_blue”]Title H5 Dark Blue[/title]
[title h6=””]Title H6[/title]


[link_more url=”#” text=””]


[newsletter action=” title=” text=”]

[title h1=”title_violet”]H1[/title]

[title h2=”border”]H2 Border[/title]

[title h3=”title_blue”]H3 Blue[/title]

[title h4=”title_violet”]Violet[/title]

[title h5=”title_dark_blue”]H5[/title]

[title h6=””]Title H6[/title]







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