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Stigmatized Properties In The Calgary Real Estate Market

Posted by admin on April 12, 2012
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What is a stigmatized property? A stigmatized property is a property that has had an unfavourable occupant or act take place or reside in the dwelling. In the eyes of the public such things as grow ops, murders, deaths, inhabitance by drug dealers, child molesters, ghosts and Charlie Sheen can cause a property to become stigmatized. Just kidding Charlie … your still one of my all time fav actors!! When a property becomes stigmatized it can affect the real value of the property in the eyes of the public. It is uncommon to run across a property that has become stigmatized but when you are purchasing a home it is still a good ideal to have your real estate professional ask the questions to the listing realtor. It never hurts to ask.

Below is a video by The Real Estate Commission of Albert (RECA) that explains the definition and repercussions of a stigmatized property.

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